Wednesday, February 25, 2015, at 6:30 p.m.
J. Warren Sleeper House
424 W. Olive Avenue

One of the most eye-catching homes on Olive is the “eclectic bungalow” owned by Chris and Tammy White. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is the “eyebrow” recessed veranda partway up the steeply gabled roof. It was built by a carpenter, J. Warren Sleeper, and he lived in it for many years. He put in many extra details that he would enjoy, as well as constructing the building so it could be used by multiple families at a time.

The house has been appreciated so much by its owners that it has only changed hands a few times.  This Craftsman home features many built-ins, including 3 beds that cleverly unfold in different rooms. You will enjoy seeing the door that goes to nowhere.

When the first Whites first purchased the property in 1965 it was known as the Hollyhock House, for the profusion of flowers in the back yard. In 1997 it was inherited by the young couple who are now preserving and enjoying this unusual home.

Please join us as we visit this little-seen  architectural gem.