The Arrowhead Line & The Water Train

MARK LANDIS is a freelance columnist for the Inland Newsgroup and has written local history articles for more than eleven years. Last year he spoke to Redlands Area Historical Society about his new book, The History of the Arrowhead Springs Hotel. Landis will bring the popular book to sell again.

On October 27, he returns with the history of the Arrowhead Line and the Water Train, an electric trolley that serviced the famous hotel and transported Arrowhead Spring Water in specially-designed tank cars into San Bernardino. There the tankers joined the mainline to the bottling plants.

The famous Arrowhead Line was built in 1907 by the San Bernardino Valley Traction Company, a company founded by many Redlands investors and later sold to Henry E. Huntington. The company became part of The Pacific Electric