David A. and Sarah Morey Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1978

David A. and Sarah Morey Home
190 Terracina Boulevard

This beautiful mansion, known as “Hermosa Vista,” was built in 1890 by David Morey. Morey and his wife, Sarah, came to what is now Redlands in 1882 from Plumas County, California, where he had been working in the mines. Morey, a shipbuilder and mine carpenter, took on work as a carpenter, and Mrs. Morey started a citrus nursery. Mrs. Morey sold her orange trees in 1889, and this money was used to build their “dream house”.

The house was built at a cost of about $15,000, has 96 window so every room has a planned view. The floor plan is Queen Anne. The living area contains 4,800 square feet, with 20 rooms. The house was designed by Jerome Seymour, who owned a planing mill. Morey, Seymour, and Lee Wilmarth, an expert woodworker, built the house. The house has many carvings of fruits, flowers, and anchors accentuating each downstairs doorway. Each doorway exhibits a different style arch and different shaped alcove. Beveled Belgium glass was used in the downstairs windows, and French transoms were made in stained glass. The onion dome was constructed like a ship’s prow and originally was ornamented with delicate ironwork. The home has been seen on television and in movies, books and magazines. There is a carriage house and guest house also on the property. The house is heated by ornamental water radiators, and the 1890 plumbing is still in good conditions. There is an 85-year old cork floor in one bathroom.

The house was sold in 1906 to W.R. Cheney. It remained in the Cheney family until 1936. The W.L. Wise mans were the next owners. The house was purchased in 1969 by Curtiss Allen. The house has since been completely renovated by the latest owner, James Brucker, the owner of Movie World in Buena Park.

Sarah and David Morey