Dr. Charles E. Ide Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1994

Dr. Charles E. Ide Home
582 Sunnyside

The announcement of the subdivison of the Lawton Villa holdings was published in the Daily Facts May 29,1911. “Lawton Villa, the old home of Gen. H.W. Lawton, who was killed in the Philippines while at the head of his men in battle, will probably be sold within a short time.” “Dr. C.E. Ide will build on a lot adjacent to the Lawton Villa Tract…” The Redlands Daily Review published a list of building permits for the month of May on June 4, 1911: “Dr. C.E. Ide, two story, nine room frame house on the northwest corner of West Cypress and Sunnyside Avenues, to cost $6,000.”

Dr. Ide moved to Redlands in 1902 from Milwaukee to join his uncle, Dr. C. A. Sandborn, in medical practice. On February 9,1907 he married Margaret Davis, daughter of the prominent Jennie Davis, at her home “the Alders” and was witnessed by two hundred guests. They left for a six month tour of Europe. When they returned they lived at “The Alders” while her mother and three younger sisters traveled abroad. The Redlands Directory of 1911-12 lists the Ides at Sunnyside. In 1914 Dr. Ide joined the Red Cross to serve as a doctor during the war. He never made it overseas, but served at an army base in Prescott, Arizona until 1920. He then returned to Milwaukee to work in a large hospital. Mrs. Ide stayed in Redands until about 1917.

In 1921 Lillie L. Jannette Lee and Lucy H. Sturges purchased the property for $14,000. Lillie was the widow of Frank Sturges. Her daughter was Jannette. Lillie passed away December 20, 1932. She was a native of Connecticut. The services were held in the home. Jannette lived in the house until 1947. The county assessment records show a Henry P. and Jeanne B.Barnard Jr. owning the property in 1949 and a Helen W. Bernard, widow, selling to Donald J. and Lorna J. Acheson in 1952. Lorna was a native of Berkeley, Ca. and passed away August 1957 of cancer. Mr. Acheson was born in Canada and was a graduate of Redlands High School in 1933, and the University of Redlands. He was associated with the Bowser Manufacturing Co. and former owner of Redlands Hobby Shop. He died February 1978 at Big Bear.

Dr. Joseph Lee Mayo II and his wife Mary Ann acquired the home from Mr. Acheson in October 1974. He was a well known physician, and they both were counselors. In August of 1992 the present owners purchased the property, J. Barrett and Mary Frances Miller. Mrs. Miller is a native of Redlands, and is a special education teacher at Redlands High School. Mr. Miller moved to Redlands in 1955 attending first grade at Smiley Elementary School. He is an Episcopal priest, retired from parish ministry, and is a church historian. They wish, and have already begun, returing some of the alterations back to the original plans, using blue prints found at Smiley Library.