Dr. William M. Smith Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1978

Dr. William M. Smith Home
916 West Olive Avenue

“Oliveta” as the house was known, was built in 1897 by Dr. William M. Smith for his son, Clarence and family. It was 1898 before the Clarence Smiths settled in Redlands. Dr. Smith later built a house closer to town on Olive Avenue. This house, sometimes known as the Colonial Inn, has also received a Heritage Award.

William M. Smith

Clarence Smith was chairman of the committee to arrange for the McKinley monument which now stands near the Redlands Bowl. Mr. Smith was an attorney.

The house has a natural redwood interior finish. Some exterior changes were made when the gingerbread and wooden embroidery were removed. Dan C. A. Smith, an attorney and third generation member of this family lived in the home all of his life.