The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1997


This two-story Victorian home has clapboard siding and a cement foundation. The roof is a bellcast medium hip and the cornices are boxed with a plain frieze. The “Citrograph” newspaper of May 3, 1902 states that “J.F. Redhead sells to Melissa LaVerne Marvel Lot Number 3 of the Lorna Vista Tract” Later, it states that “P.N. (Philip) Marvel let a $3000 contract to build on recent Lorna Vista purchase.” The Marvels never lived in the house. The 1905 city directories list Herbert Wickersham as living in the home. He was the first motorman for the Redlands Street Railway Company after the line was electrified in 1901. Later, he purchased the Sugar Bowl restaurant in downtown Redlands. In 1904, the Marvels sold the house to George Neuls. Mary E. Stutt in August of 1909 acquired the property from Ella Hazzard for $3,500 worth of Lugonia Water Company Stock and a parcel of land. The Stutt family owned the home until they both passed away by 1938.

The house has many interesting features. In the northeast portion, on the second story, is a turret with a high hip roof and double hung windows. West of the turret is a low hip dormer with two windows that open outward. Next to the dormer is a high gable of alternating wood shingles. It contains one window that opens out A wooden porch extends across the front and partway on the east side of the house. Five columns support the porch and the balustrade is solid clapboard. In the northeast comer of the building is a fixed window with six rectangular panes at the top. On either side of this window are sidelights composed of eight rectangular panes. On the other side of the new front door is a similar window with five panes at the top. The east side also has a high gable with a semi-circular vent at the top and windows that open outward.

Frank H. Stutt, in 1914 was vice president and sales manager for the Casa Lorna Garage. In 1915, his brother joins him in a business called “Stutt Brothers”, which distributed Dodge Brothers motor cars and Graham trucks at Citrus and Cajon. In 1933, city directories list Frank Stutt as a member of the Redlands City Council. He must have only served one term as the directory in 1936 shows him owning a car business selling Pontiac automobiles and GMC trucks at 401-415 Orange Ave. They did not mention the city council.

Mary Stutt passed away April of 1936, just one month after her 36-year-old son died suddenly of pneumonia. She was from England and died at the age of 71. Frank (Francis) Stutt passed away in the month of May 1938. He was from Canada and was almost 65 years old when he died of pneumonia. Both are at Hillside Cemetery. Several owners have lived in the house since then. In 1980, the present owner, Paul Amelung, purchased the house. During renovation of the house in 1995, a fire was caused by painters heating the wood to remove the old paint. Mr. Amelung chose to rebuild and bring the house back to its original condition. Old pictures in Smiley Library revealed the turret that had been removed many years before. The turret on the present house is the exact copy of the original. It has been a long few years and now Paul and Marie Amelung hope to be in their new, old home by June of this year.

The Redlands Area Historical Society wishes to thank the Amelungs for giving back 201 West Fern, not only to themselves, but to the City of Redlands.