Gertrude Bowers Cottage


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1991

Gertrude Bowers Cottage
1206 Cedar Avenue

Prominent Redlands widow Gertrude Bowers commissioned builder Davis M. Donald in August, 1904 to build a house at 732 Cedar Avenue. The house was apparently to be used as a rental property since Mrs. Bowers already lived in a mansion on Crescent Avenue. Mrs. Bowers’ deceased husband was George W. Bowers the gold mining partner of A. G. Hubbard, another important early resident of Redlands. Together Mr. Bowers and Mr. Hubbard were involved in the development of the Harqua Hala bonanza in Arizona becoming millionaires in the process. In 1906 Mrs. Bowers married Col. C. B. Saunders, an associate of her husband, and lived in Redlands until her death in 1911.

The structure was to be 44 by 48 feet, with two stories and costing about $5,000. The first occupants of the house were John H. and Olive Fisher who lived there from 1909 to 1913. The address of the house changed in 1926 from 732 to 1332 at which time Chestus and Josehpine Tripp lived in the home. Mr. Tripp was the city treasurer and tax collector. Through the years there were other occupants and yet another address change. The current owners at 1206 Cedar are Jack and Delores Linet.

The house is a two story, shingled bungalow with a hipped dormer and flared gables. The lower gable covers an open front porch. The porch roof is supported by shingle covered columns. The porch is enclosed by a shingled covered skirt that extends to the foundation. There are three windows in the dormer and sets of paired windows in the lower story. The windows are double-hung with the upper half multipaned. Brick steps lead up to a glass fronted entry door.
The ever present shine on the brass door kick reflects the attention that the Linet’s have put into the maintenance of their home and yard.

We commend them for their ongoing efforts.