John H. Kemble Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1990

John H. Kemble Home
432 South Fourth Street

In 1901 John H. Kemble, his wife Anna, and their daughter came to California from Saugerties, New York living for one year in Santa Ana before moving to Redlands in 1902. Mr. and Mrs. Kemble moved into the house at 432 South Fourth Street and lived there until 1908. Mr. Kemble was a retired businessman. This two story classical box style house is distinguished by the pyramidal roof covered by composition shingles and the leaded glass window in the center of the second story. The window is square with an unusual bulls-eye center surrounded by eight panes. Two V-shaped bay windows flank this window. The roof has a shed roofed dormer in the front center and a brick chimney close to the middle. The roof, porch, and dormer trim is a plain boxed cornice with a decorated frieze that accents the roof and highlights the simple lines of the house. Overlapping board covers the exterior and all windows have plain molding around them. The veranda style porch is supported by round columns atop an overlapping board railing and a short set of steps lead up to it. The house sits on a concrete foundation. A walkway border is of cut stone as is the curb.

Other occupants of the house include the O. H. Wests who lived there a short time and the Whitney family who resided there from 1911 to 1917. Olive J. Smith, a teacher and girl’s advisor at Redlands High School, lived there with her parents from 1921 to 1936. In 1939 another teacher, Lynn W. Jones a professor of physics at the University of Redlands, is thought to have been the occupant. Then 1941 and the war years brought a change in demographics with five women sharing the house. Hilda Straube, a dental assistant, appears to be the owner from 1944 to 1965. J. L Boer, a mail carrier, his wife LaVerne, and three children were residents from 1967 to 1973. A 1974 city survey indicates William Austin as the tenant of the house which was rental property until 1976 when Madeleine Scalliert bought it.

The present owner Madeleine Waters (nee Madeleine Scalliert) immediately undertook many repairs needed to make the house liveable. She and her husband David have been diligently at work restoring the house and yard as well as making changes to suit the needs of their family. They have given careful attention to all details, inside and out, and successfully recaptured the original feel of the house. Madeleine, who is Belgian, has added her touch to the interior with beautiful antiques, a sense of historic coloration, and a gourmet kitchen-she is in the catering business.

The Waters deserve thanks and commendation for their efforts and care in restoring this vintage home in a historical district of Redlands.