John P. Fisk Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1975

John P. Fisk Home
923 West Fern Avenue

John P. Fisk, as the first realtor in Redlands, bought and sold many of the large tracts of property which make up the area of Redlands. He married Elizabeth H. Eddy in 1890. The Fisk’s house was built in 1890 and they moved to their new residence on West Fern Avenue in February of 1891. The residence, like so many homes at the time, was built for $4,000. In 1894, Fish made some “improvement”, never defined in the newspapers, at the cost of $500.

The home was built by Davis M. Donald, a well known contractor of Redlands, and was constructed mostly of redwood. The interior trim was stained and rubbed with a wax finish and given the color of mahogany. Elaborate millwork, sliding doors, and fine paneling are characteristic of its interior. Two chimneys with seven outlets provided the stoves used in heating and cooking.

The interior features ten spacious rooms, three baths, several extensive screen porches, all designed to aid Fisk in his real estate endeavors for entertainment of possible buyers.

Miss Helen Fisk was born in the home and remains in charge of the family estate. Under her are it has been lovingly maintained. She has added a carport to the home and designed it to compliment the already existing structure. Gordon Donald, grandson of Davis Donald, was given the contract for this carport.