Mary E. Turrill Home


Redlands Area Historical Society

John & Evelyn Schroeder Home

606 Cypress Circle


On March 7, 1915, the Redlands Review newspaper announced a new tract placed on the market by the heirs of Judge Eugene C. Warren.  Ten acres of orange groves were scheduled for subdivision into 53 lots.  Some of the lots faced Cajon and Cypress Avenues and others faced into the court.  The building restriction was that no building could cost less than $2500.  The new owners would form a company, the Cypress Court Company, and lots would be cast for building sites.

Mary E. Turrill built this graceful California Craftsman bungalow in 1917 on lot 41 of the Cypress Court Tract.  The first owners to live in the house were D. Herman and Dessa A. Frazer.  The couple purchased the house in 1921.  Frazer owned a pharmacy at 228 Orange Street.  In 1928, John H. and Evelyn Schroeder purchased the home. They had previously lived at 1157 Times Street – later renamed 6th Street.  Mr. Schroeder was a painter for Alder’s Paint and Art Store.  He passed away February 4, 1939.  Mrs. Schroeder was an active member of the First Methodist Church and later, the Nazarene Methodist Church.  She owned the house until her death in Buena Park on May 11, 1964 at the age of 93.

The most striking feature of the home is the east facing front porch.  Three rock porch piers with cement caps support the porch roof.  A large low gable dormer with a wood lattice vent faces east.  On the northeast and above the porch is another gable with a wooden lattice, flat wood decoration, and five exposed rafters – a common bungalow feature.  Two more gables with exposed rafters are on the south and north sides of the home.  The west side, or back, has a double gable centered with a lattice vent.  A common window with a double sash is divided vertically with six square panes at the top and a single pane window below.  A nice feature of the house is the small windows in each closet that open up for ventilation.

The present owner, Sue Cantrell, purchased the home in June 2007 from Joan King and her mother, Mrs. Elsie Wendth.  The two had lived in the home since 1999.  Sue was attracted to the wonderful front porch and the small back yard.  She removed wallpaper from the kitchen and bathroom, and retiled and painted the kitchen.  Sue says the house is just right for one person.  When she first stepped foot into the house she knew she was home.

The Redlands Area Historical Society is pleased to present this Heritage Award to Sue Cantrell for her loving stewardship of this property.

Researched by – Karen Flippen