Mrs. M. L. Hoppock Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1979

Mrs. M. L. Hoppock Home
905 West Highland Avenue

Mrs. M.L. Hoppock, a widow, came to Redlands in 1895 with her two daughters. Her house at 905 West Highland Avenue was designed by D.W. Willard and D. M. and D. Donald in 1896 at a cost of approximately $3,500. A description of the house plan was recorded in the Citrograph, on August 1, 1896, and a picture of the house appeared in Illustrated Redlands in 1897.

As stated in the Citrograph, the home has five rooms on the first floor and five rooms on the second floor, including a bath. At one time a cold storage adobe closet was located back of the kitchen.

The current owners, Lt.Col. Lewis C. Lemon, USAF retired, and Mrs. Barbara Lombard Lemon, have been in the house since November of 1967. Since that time they have partially reconstructed the foundation, painted the exterior of the house, and have made numerous improvements inside and out.