Richard J. Farquhar Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1975

Richard J. Farquhar Home
542 Fifth Avenue

Richard Farquhar constructed his home in 1899 for $2,500. The residence is situated in the south section of Crafton, which has been largely devoted to citrus culture since the 1890’s. The Farquhar family planted the orange grove around the house in 1899.


The house itself might be called a family project. The adobe bricks used in its east wall were made by Serrano Indians from the Indian settlement at Mentone: who also were employed as household workers by Mrs. Farquhar. The residence has nine rooms, and because of the adobe construction it remains cool in the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Farquhar moved to Cypress Avenue in 1926. A few years later the David Glann Farquhars occupied the house. At present the residence is the Willard Farquhar family home. It is unusual to find a home continuously occupied by the same family for seventy-five years.

The Farquhars might well merit the attention of the Society for this fete alone, but our enthusiasm is directed toward the unique and historic dwelling.