February Program: “Above Redlands” – Monday, February 26, 2018

The Redlands Area Historical Society has a special program planned for Monday, February 26, at 7:00 p.m. in the Contemporary Club house at 173 S. Eureka Street.

The program will be presented by Dr. Marcus Paulson and Steve Carroll who take to the skies via drones to photograph Redlands in spectacular color.  These extraordinary views are breathtaking giving new texture to just how Redlands is a special place.  Their Power Point program ventures four-hundred feet into the sky and records Redlands as never before.  Those familiar with the social media account, “Above Redlands” have enjoyed the aerial photos for over a year.

Steve Carroll became interested in Redlands while working for the Forest Home Conference Center.  He enjoyed photos taken by Bruce Herwigg and fell in love with the community.  Steve became a commercial drone operator two years ago.  Steve now teaches drone flying basics in various parks in the area.  His contact email is TheRealSteveCaroll@gmail.com.

Dr. Marcus Paulson owner of Paulson Orthodonics completed his undergraduate studies at Azusa Pacific and then attended Loma Linda University for dental and orthodontic study.  His office at 219 Cajon Street is currently being remodeled to present the original façade of the 1890’s home that once stood there.   Paulson became interested in Redlands history after buying a historic home.  Paulson is currently a member of the board for the Historical Society.  His local history collection includes maps, photographs, pamphlets, postcards and now aerial photographs.  Paulson has become an amateur drone photographer that posts regularly on the Internet.

Redlands Area Historical Society programs are open and free for the public.