Fourth Street Walking Tour – Saturday, January 12, 2019

The second half of the Fourth Street Walking Tour will take place January 12 at 10:00 a.m beginning on the corner of Fourth St. and West Fern Avenue.  The Redlands Area Historical Society tour is led by Tom Atchley.   Historical Society members fee is $10 and non-members $15.

The tour will discuss the beginning of the Beaver Medical Clinic in 1939 with the idea of placing many doctors in one building for health services.  Beaver has enlarged many times over the years growing into the Fourth Street neighborhood.

The tour features Ott’s Fourth Street market, many 1880s homes, Arthur Benton, a nationally known California Mission architect, Heritage Award winners, the oldest parochial school in Redlands and the oldest apartment building.

Various churches expanded to Fourth Street and built expansive Sunday School structures in the 1920s.   Church expansion is a major theme on Fourth Street.

The first land sold in the Redlands 1881 Subdivision was sold on Fourth Street.  The ugliest building in Redlands is on Fourth Street.  The Contemporary Club built their first club-house on Fourth Street.  A.K. Smiley chose Fourth and Vine for his library gift site in 1898.

The tour culminates at the Triangle Park donated by Judson and Brown and decorated by the Women for Public Improvement in 1888.

Fourth104 - Putnam