Growing Up in Redlands in the 60’s – Program Feb. 27, 2017


The Redlands Area Historical Society meeting for February 27th will take place at the Contemporary Club House at 173 Eureka Street at 7:00 p.m.    The evening topic will be presented by a panel of Redlanders that grew up in Redlands in the 1960’s.

The program follows a presentation panel on growing up in Redlands in the 1950’s that was presented with acclaim a few years ago. The individuals selected for the panel were asked to divulge their grade school, high school and college experiences.

Entertainment and teenage hangouts such as the Fox Theatre, Drive Inns, Gay 90’s, Shakey’s Pizza, and the notorious “Point” were suggested topics. Music of the 1960’s came through KFXM and KMEN radio, Swing Auditorium concerts, Friday night dances in Terrier Hall, Prom, Winter Ball, and numerous rock bands whose members favored Redlands as their home.

Dating in the 1960’s was a suggested topic along with other “Youth Rebellion” topics.

Vietnam, President Kennedy, President Johnson, Civil Rights movement all punctuated the 1960’s.  Redlands went from a citrus village to a bedroom community serving Norton Air Force Base, Lockheed Propulsion, Universal Rundel, Marketeer and Lay Boy Furniture industries.

Interstate 10 freeway placed Redlands on the transportation map and the first trips on the ocean of concrete made lasting impressions for the 1960’s generation.

Historical Society monthly programs are free and open to the public.