March 28, 2022 Program: “Before & After Photos of Redlands Homes”

Before and after photos of Redlands homes will be presented by Tom Atchley at the Contemporary Club on March 28 at 7:00 p.m. 

Tom is the current president of the Redlands Area Historical Society.  He taught in the social studies department at both Cope Junior High and Redlands High from 1973-2011.  His interest in Redland’s history began as a senior at the University of Redlands.  He read The Citrograph from 1887-1888 and became hooked on the history the paper revealed.  He proceeded with his friend Howard Eden to index the newspaper with thousands of index cards.

      The index history led to reading the Redlands Daily Facts from 1890 to the 1950s.  This led to reading all the local papers Redlands has produced over the years found in the Heritage Room at A.K. Smiley Library.  About 48 years ago Atchley teamed with Dr. Larry Burgess to teach classes on county and Redland’s history.  These classes led Atchley to create slide shows to show various aspects of the history.

     One popular slide show with students consisted of Redlands homes and how they have changed over the years.   This is the program Atchley will present.  Adding new photographs as the homes were researched has kept the power point program ever expanding.

     Homes in Redlands changed as different architecture became popular and remodeling took place.  Redlands began at the end of the Victorian era and gave way to the Classic Box.  Victorian features continued for decades even with the 1920 Revival period.  The program promises to reveal many Victorian homes that remain disguised in later revisions.  

Historical Society programs are free and open to the public. The program can be viewed in person at the Contemporary Club, located at 173 S. Eureka Street at 7 p.m. 

Historical Society programs are free and open to the public. Register in advance for this webinar at