Smith, Hiram H. (1828-1903)

Hiram H. Smith was born in New Haven County, Conn., in 1828, and lived there until he came to California in 1884, combining in his business career the occupations of general farming and jewelry.  Soon after his arrival in the Golden State, Mr. Smith came to Redlands and took up, as a homestead, half a section on Redlands Heights, being a strip of land one mile long by a half mile wide, which now constitutes the upper portion of the improved property on Redlands Heights.  With unusual skill and energy for a man of his years, Mr. Smith has improved and cultivated this fine property, having set out 173 acres to oranges and grapefruit.  He still owns 84 acres of this and has laid out and maintained at his own expense for seven years over seven miles of road.  This property is in a very beautiful location commanding in summer the cool breezes from the west, and in all seasons magnificent scenery.  When 24 years of age Mr. Smith was married to Miss Sarah F. Henrietta, of Huntington, Conn.  Mrs. Smith’s mother came to Redlands to live with her children, in 1886, and died in this city at the age of 87 years.  A son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Burgess W. Smith, with his wife and daughter, has also been a resident of Redlands for the past four years.


(Source:  Illustrated Redlands, 1897, p. 19)