George F. and Elizabeth P. Norton Home


Redlands Area Historical Society

George F. & Elizabeth P. Norton Home

927 Sixth Street


Construction on this handsome house started in 1891 and reflects a simple Folk Victorian style of architecture.  The 114 year old home’s first address was 127 Times Street in the Town of Lugonia.  The street address today is 927 Sixth Street.

This linear shaped two-story home has seven rooms and a cellar.  Its “I” form, a narrow one-room deep floor plan, is taken from British folk forms and is more common in Midwestern states.  The house’s style is based on the National folk form and is defined by its modesty, symmetry, simple window surrounds and rearward extension.  Other prevailing features gracing the house include a charming south facing bay window presenting four narrow double hung windows; shiplap wood siding, clean vertical trim, and a steeply pitched roof with overhanging eaves and enclosed rafters.  The roof-wall junction displays a narrow cornice, frieze and fascia board along with a simple soffit.  Covering the main entry door is a welcoming open porch with square posts.  The historic cut-stone curbs in front of the house have been preserved.

George F. Norton purchased lots 2 and 3 in block 10, in the Town of Lugonia, on November 7, 1891 from Herman C. Orcutt of San Diego.  The price for both lots was $200.  George subsequently purchased lot 1 in this block; however, in 1911 Mrs. Elizabeth P. Norton sold off one and one-half of the lots and retained lot 3 and the other half of lot 2.  This reflects the configuration of the property today.

A stable as well as a small, one-story out-building were later added.  This is depicted on the 1900 Sanborn map.  By 1908, an additional one-story cottage was added on the rear of the lot, later being recognized as the separate address of 927 ½ Sixth Street.  This cottage has since been razed.  A 1906 building permit for work estimated at $50 suggests the construction of the one-story addition on the home’s north side.

Remarkably, the Norton House has had only nine homeowner’s during its 114 year existence.  George lived in this modest home with his family until his death on September 28, 1909.  Historical archive and genealogical records show that the house remained in the Norton family for at least 82 years and we can only wonder whether some subsequent owners were also part of the Norton clan.

In addition to the house being Elizabeth’s residence, starting in 1910, the city directories indicate the home was also occupied by the Norton’s daughters and their husbands.  Fannie H. (Norton) and Erwin N. Sturtevant lived on the property as did Carrie E. (Norton) and W.J. Lauterborn.  The Norton’s granddaughter, Edna I. (Sturtevant) and her husband Floyd H. Cronister, are listed at this address in the 1937 city directory.  Edna owned the property until 1974.

The current owners, Mary H. and Miguel A. Gonzalez purchased the property in 2000.  Putting his contractor skills to work, Miguel and Mary have accomplished extensive renovations.  Rich colors reflect the current owner’s sensitivity to the period and accentuate some of the home’s predominant features such as the arched vents, designed, constructed and installed by Miguel.  The Redlands Area Historical Society applauds Mary and Miguel for their efforts and hard work in renovating and maintaining the integrity of this historic Lugonia home.  We are pleased to present them with this 2006 Heritage Award.

Research and written by Susan M. Keith.