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TitleSpeaker/AuthorNewsletter Date
“A Nostalgic Trip to Swing Auditorium”Steve ChapmanApril 2017
“Climate Change & Redlands Water Supply”Richard CorneilleApril 2016
“Connecticut Yankees Arrive”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2016
“Exponential Growth of the Postwar Period”Nathan GonzalesJanuary 2017
“Fred Perris, Engineer who Conquered Cajon Pass”Christina PerrisFebruary 2016
“Fruit Drying & Highland”Tom AtchleyApril 2016
“Growing Up in 1960’s Redlands”Panel DiscussionFebruary 2017
“History of Patton State Hospital”Anthony OrtegaJanuary 2016
“History of Redlands High School”Tom AtchleyOctober 2016
“Home After 120+ Years: John O. Riddell”Marcus PaulsonSeptember 2016
“Minorities Involved in the Citrus Industry”Megan Suster & Steven Moreno-TerrillMarch 2017
“Redlands Citizens Finding Shelter in the Atomic Age”Steve SpillerSeptember 2016
“Redlands Tract Sale”Tom AtchleyMarch 2017
“Redlands Tract Sale – Part 2”Tom AtchleyApril 2017
“Teaching and Marriage”Tom AtchleyMarch 2016
“The Fletcher Tract Swindle”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2017
“The History of Kimberly Juniors”Bev CainMarch 2016
“The Squires Families of Redlands”Shirley GillespieFebruary 2016
“The Squires Families of Redlands – Part 2”Shirley GillespieApril 2016
“Water Resources”Tom AtchleySeptember 2016
“Water Resources – Part 2”Tom AtchleyOctober 2016
Burrage Mansion – Part 3”Tom AtchleyApril 2012
Hatfield Buick: 100 Years & Going Strong”Bill HatfieldOctober 2012
Presidential Visits – Part 2”Tom AtchleyMay/June 2013
Redlands’ Civil War Veterans”Ron RunningJanuary 2012
The History of the Harris Company 1905-1999Aimmee Rodriguez, SpeakerMarch 2007
“1908 Reviewed 100 Year Later” – Part 2Tom AtchleyFebruary 2009
“1908 Reviewed 100 Years Later” – Part 1Tom AtchleyJanuary 2009
“A Candid View of the Cutting Room Floor: Behind the University of Redlands History”Dr. Larry E. Burgess, SpeakerApril 2007
“A City Hall for Redlands”Reprint from a May 4, 1907 Citrograph articleMay 2007
“Apples in them thar Hills”: Richard H. Stetson and Barton Flats ApplesTom AtchleyNovember 2008
“Architect Clare Henry Day”Clare Henry DayOctober 2008
“A Salute to Garrett Huizing”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2011
“A Second Look at Redlands Firsts”Dr. Stanley D. KorfmacherFebruary 2009
“Brookside: A Distinctive Avenue”Tom AtchleyOctober 2008
“Burrage Mansion – Part 1”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2012
“Burrage Mansion – Part 2”Tom AtchleyMarch 2012
“Burrage Mansion – Part 4”Tom AtchleyMay 2012
“Carole Beswick: Our First Woman Mayor”Carole BeswickMarch 2009
“Chinese in Redlands”Tom AtchleyMarch 2014
“Citrus Industry and a 2005 Man of the Year”William T. Hardy, Jr.February 2008
“City Directories of Redlands, California”Ann Cordy DeeganSeptember 2014
“Converting California”Dr. James SandosSeptember 2008
“Crafton Schools “Tom AtchleyMarch 2015
“Early Redlands Buildings: 1866-1888”Tom Atchley & Ron RunningFebruary 2013
“Elias F. Everitt and his Photographic Studio: 1897-1924”Michele NielsenMarch 2013
“Facts About Redlands”Reprint from an April 1907 Citrograph articleApril 2007
“Faithfully and Liberally Sustained: Philanthropy in Redlands”Dr. Larry E. Burgess & Dr. Nathan D. GonzalesJanuary 2011
“Five Lugonia Schools and Counting”Tom AtchleyMay 2008
“Great Depression was Good to Redlands and its Schools”Tom AtchleySeptember 2010
“Growing Up in Redlands: 1920’s, 1930’s, & 1940’s”Clara Clem, Joyce Dangermond, Mary Agnes Donald, Daivd Farquhar, Jacquie Farquhar, Gene Hinkle, Armando Lopez, Wayland Reynolds, Sally West and Lois Fair WilsonFebruary 2012
“Growing Up in Redlands in the 1950s”Donna Wright Hunter, Tim Farmer, Dodie Hodson Farmer, et. al.January 2014
“Historical Society 110 Years Old This May”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2010
“Historic Preservation – Is it Worth it”Panel DiscussionOctober 2011
“History Building the Latest Schools in the Redlands Unified School District”Dr. Robert HodgesApril 2008
“History Makers: William Cunningham”William CunninghamOctober 2007
“History of the A.K. Smiley Public Library Heritage Room”Dr. Larry E. Burgess & Don McCueApril 2012
“History of the Mill Creek Zanja”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2010
“History of the Redlands Bowl”Marsha GebaraMarch 2012
“History of the Redlands Police Department”Natasha M. CrawfordOctober 2009
“Homesteading Redlands Township”Tom AtchleyNovember 2010
“Images of America: Early Redlands”Ann Cody Deegan & Maria CarrilloOctober 2013
“Indians of Redlands and the San Bernardino Valley Area”Britt WilsonJanuary 2010
“Into the Mountains in the 1890s”Tom AtchleyApril 2010
“Jack Brown and Stater Bros.”Jack BrownSeptember 2010
“Jack P. Dangermond and the History of ESRI”Jack P. DangermondMarch 2008
“Loma Linda, Bryn Mawr & the Redlands Connection”Jim Shipp, SpeakerJanuary 2007
“Looking for Ditches in All the Right Places”Tom AtchleyApril 2010
“Methodist Church History in Redlands”Tom AtchleyOctober 2011
“Mission School: A History”Tom AtchleySeptember 2012
“More Treasures from the Elias F. Everitt Photographic Collection”Robin Grube, Michele Nielsen & Ron RunningApril 2014
“Nature’s Foods are Nature’s Remedies”Reprint from a Citrograph articleMarch 2008
“Post Office Stories”Tom AtchleyOctober 2014
“Presidential Visits – Part 1”Tom AtchleyApril 2013
“Presidential Visits – Part 3”Tom AtchleySeptember 2013
“Prospect Park History: John B. Breed Residence
And Carriage Barn”
Tom AtchleyApril 2009
“Prospect Park History Part III: George W. Meade”Tom AtchleySeptember 2009
“Prospect Park History”Tom AtchleyMarch 2009
“Redland Men Participate in World War I”Ann Cordy DeeganFebruary 2015
“Redlands: A Community Response to World War II”Tom AtchleyMarch 2015
“Redlands and the Fourth of July”Bill McCalmonSeptember 2007
“Redlands Conservancy”Sherli LeonardOctober 2010
“Redlands Historical Postcards – Part 1”Ron RunningSeptember 2009
“Redlands Historical Postcards – Part 2”Ron RunningMarch 2010
“Redlands Railroad Love Affair – Part 1”Tom AtchleyMarch 2011
“Redlands Railroad Love Affair – Part 2”Tom AtchleyApril 2011
“Redlands Remembered: Stories from the Jewel of the Inland Empire”Joan Hedges McCallJanuary 2013
“Redlands Treasures in the National Archives, Laguna Niguel”Paul WormserApril 2009
“Redlands’ First City Trustees”Tom AtchleyMarch 2014
“Redlands’ Second City Council Meeting”Tom AtchleyApril 2014
“Seven Generations of the Hinckley Family”Christine Beguelin GallacherApril 2013
“Souvenir of Redlands, California”Tom Atchley, Robin Grube & Marie ReynoldsOctober 2015
“Storm Water Ditches of Redlands”Tom AtchleySeptember 2008
“The Arrowhead Line and the Water Train”Mark LandisOctober 2014
“The Colton and Redlands Connection”Tom AtchleyApril 2008
“The Culture of Resistance Among Southern California Indians”Richard Hanks, SpeakerFebruary 2007
“The Early Years of Frank Elwood Brown – Part 1”Tom AtchleySeptember 2015
“The Early Years of Frank Elwood Brown – Part 2”Tom AtchleyOctober 2015
“The Emperor of the Inland Empire”John Weeks, San Bernardino SunJanuary 2009
“The Formation of Riverside County from San Bernardino County in 1893”Steve LechApril 2011
“The History of Lugonia”Tom AtchleySeptember 2013
“The History of Packing Houses in Redlands”Tom AtchleySeptember 2011
“The History of the Arrowhead Springs Hotel”Mark LandisFebruary 2014
“The History of the Redlands Fire Department”Jeff FrazierJanuary 2015
“The Ocean to Ocean Highway”Robert RippyApril 2015
“Two Constants Impact Our Town”Tom AtchleyNov/Dec 2013
“Union Ice Company in Crafton “Tom AtchleyFebruary 2015
“Water Conservation in the Santa Ana Watershed”Daniel B. CozadMarch 2011
“Why They Voted to Incorporate in 1888”Tom AtchleyFebruary 2013
“Wilson and Berry”Tom AtchleySeptember 201
“World War II Veterans Forum”Fred Bandel, Clare Henry Day, Wayland Reynolds, Ben Teas, Bob Leonard & George AndrewsSeptember 2015
“Wyatt Earp and the Earp Clan”Nick CataldoJanuary 2008
“Zanja (Zahn-ha) v. San-key – Spanish Garbled Over Time”Tom AtchleyMarch 2013