Andrew Jackson Hendrickson Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1987

Andrew Jackson Hendrickson Home
201 West Colton Avenue
Circa 1904

At first glance the Andrew Jackson Hendrickson home, at 201 West Colton, seems strangely out of place. It could be anyone of a thousand midwestern farmhouses, reflecting the simplicity and practicality found in these homes. It is two story, with a wrap-around porch; painted grey with white trim, horizontal siding, and double-hung windows. It has a hip roof and Tuscan columns supporting the porch. There is a possible clear and reasonable explanation for the architectural style. William Clyde Hendrickson, one of two sons of Andrew and Elizabeth Hendrickson, was born in Fayette, Iowa, in 1881. Five years later the family was living in Redlands, but it was not until 1904 or early 1905 that they would occupy their newly built home, at 109 West Colton, in the Central Townsite Tract.

It can be assumed the Hendricksons built the house as both father and sons were skilled carpenters. One need only to admire the beautifully crafted doors of the Lincoln Shrine to appreciate the family’s talents. These doors were built by Clyde Hendrickson, whose career with Fletcher’s Planing Mill Jasted over thirty years.
By 1919 the address had been changed to 129 West Colton and there were new owners. Charles and Lois Bowlsby were to live there until their deaths in 1940. Mr. Bowlsby was also a carpenter and had worked as a salesman for the E. M. Cope Commercial Company. The Bowlsby family continued to own the property. For a time Robert and Imogene Scott lived there. Imogene established a beauty shop in the house, in this neighborhood of mixed commercial and residential use.
At the end of World War II Mr. and Mrs. Hail R. Taylor purchased the home. The beauty shop was continued, now known as “Edna’s” and run by Mrs. Taylor. It was here, now 201 West Colton, where the Taylors celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mr. Taylor continues to live in this home. The home is truly a reflection of pride of ownership by Hail Taylor. The exquisite multihued hydrangea at the front steps welcomes the visitor as it has for over 45 years.