Miriam Scott and Flora C. Cook House


Redlands Area Historical Society

Miriam Scott and Flora C. Cook House

 130 East Cypress Avenue (formerly 20 E. Cypress)


This two story English cottage style home on East Cypress Avenue exemplifies quaint early 20th century architecture with typical stucco exterior  and wood eaves, trim and details. The home was designed by one of the owners, Miriam Scott, an architect for the well known Redlands construction firm of Davis Donald. The home was built by Gordon Donald and features concrete first story walls with wood frame for the second floor. The home was featured in the Donalds’ marketing in the July, 1941 issue of  The Perfect Home.

A main feature of the structure is the steep pitched gable roof which carries over into interesting interior ceiling angles and a steep pitched two story living room ceiling.  The L-shaped house, built on a concrete foundation with partial basement,  features wood framed multi-paned windows with olive green shutters. A prominent detail is the second story arched multi-paned window with iron balcony located in the gable at the front of the house. Arches are a recurring architectural feature with additional arched windows and interior doorways throughout.  The arched wooden plank front door with brick quoin is approached by a meandering concrete path. Both the entry and dining room floor are original handmade brick repeating the brick doorway detail. Wooden floors are throughout the rest of the home.

The east wall features a tall multi-paned arched window. Off of the living room and to the rear of the house is another bedroom. Overlooking the living room is a music balcony at the top of the curved staircase reflecting one of the original owner’s vocation as a music teacher. The living room was designed with a high degree of acoustics and was the site of many recitals and musical soirees. The master bedroom has both an original shoe closet and walk-in closet, again a reflection of  the original owners.

Miriam and Flora made their home on Cypress Avenue for approximately 40 years. As stated in Miriam’s obituary of April 5, 1972 of  the  Redlands Daily Facts, early in her career she assisted in the civil engineering work laying out the Yucaipa area. She was 91 when she died. Flora Cook  passed away at age 79 in 1961 and was active in the musical and social life of Redlands, being a member of the U of R faculty for years, a member of the Spinet,  the Redlands Music Teachers Association, the Contemporary Club and AAUW.

After their longtime ownership, the home passed to James Cansler, Robert L. Johnson, and from 1973-83 to Haywood Johnson, 1983-00 to Andrew and Kathy Sack, before being purchased in June of 2000 by Jimmy Chagolla and Joe Field who have made the streets of Redlands much more beautiful with their spectacular front yard gardens. In fact, their wonderful home, through a phone call made to the Heritage Room and directed to the R.A.H.S., has been selected and featured in a soon-to-be released book California Cottage Style, by Anne and Scott Zimmerman of Utah. Release date is October 2003.

Redlands Area Historical Society wishes to express our gratitude to Jimmy Chagolla and Joe Field for their love and care of this historic property and proudly presents to them the 2003 Heritage Award.

Written and researched by Kathleen Beall