T. S. Holiday Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1983

T. S. Holiday Home
25 East Fern Avenue
Circa 1904

This Queen Anne cottage was built in 1904 by Mr. T. S. Holiday at a cost of $2,500. The single-story home has seven rooms with an offset gable and wrap-around front porch. Details of the wood work have been highlighted by contrasting color. The front bay has three sides with decorative stick work at the top of the gable.

Mr. Holiday moved to California from Minnesota in 1886 and in 1895 opened a “harness and saddle house” on Orange Street. Illustrated Redlands of 1886 states that “for quality and style there is no better stock this line of goods in any city in Southern California, not excepting Los Angeles.”

The Holidays lived in the home until 1913 when Ulysses F. Lewis, an attorney, began residence. Long-time owners were Fred and August Renter who lived in the home until the 1950’s. Purchasing the home in 1977, Gerald and Marilyn Sanders have restored the residence to its present condition.

The Redlands Area Historical Society is proud to honor this unique example of Redlands’ Heritage and to commend the stewardship of the present owners.