Ellis, George B.

Born April 24, l860, at Lyons, Iowa, George B. Ellis was educated in public and private schools of that city.  At the age of 17 he went to Fargo, Dakota, for one year and afterward to Euclid, near Crookston, Minn., at which place he raised wheat and ran a general merchandise store and a lumber yard for three years.  He was married to Minnie A. Reynolds, a daughter of Judge Reynolds, of Minneapolis.  Afterward removing to Minneapolis Mr. Ellis had charge of the Boston Shoe Company’s establishment in that city.  His next move was to his home at Clinton, Iowa, where he remained two years in general merchandise business, and then came to California.

After a short residence at Perris he came to Redlands in August, l889 and took up his abode in the Terracina hotel, which was then vacant.  Here he remained three years, during which time he set out 250 acres to citrus fruits for the Redlands Land Company.  Most of this property was afterward turned over to the People’s Home Savings Bank of San Francisco, and Mr. Ellis has since represented its interests here and also in San Bernardino and Riverside.  Mr. Ellis was president of the West Redlands Water Company for three years and until l895.  He was one of the owners who opened the Terracina hotel and built the Terracina railroad.  He originated the scheme which developed into the Redlands Electric Light and Power Company, being afterward joined in this enterprise by Messrs. Feraud, Sinclair and Crafts.  Mr.and Mrs. Ellis have three children: one boy, who is a native son and two girls, who were born in the East.


(Source: Illustrated Redlands, l897, p.40)