Feraud, Fulton G. (1857-1936)

Fulton G. Feraud was born in Boston in l857, and was educated at the College of the City of New York; living in New York from  l859 to 1888.  In the latter year he came to Redlands, where he has since resided, having caught the California fever from the glowing accounts of numerous friends and relatives who preceded him here and from the results of certain successful investments during boom days.  He was the first secretary of the Domestic Water Company, from the commencement of its service March 1, l889, until April 1, l893, when he resigned to become secretary of the Redlands Electric Light and Power Company, which commenced operations in Redlands on that date.   The incorporators of this company, besides Mr. Feraud, were Messrs. H.H. Sinclair, George H. Crafts and George B. Ellis.  In l892 the same gentlemen, with whom Theodore Clark and F. E. Hotchkiss were also associated, opened the Terracina hotel, which they operated for two years.  In this connection they built and operated the Terracina street railway.  Mr. Crafts was president of the hotel company and Mr. Clark of the railway company, Mr. Feraud being secretary of both.  In these capacities he has been identified with several enterprises which have accomplished much for the development of Redlands.  In l880 Mr. Feraud was married to Miss E.B. Bourgeois, of New York city.  They have one child, a daughter, Natalie, 8 years of age.


(Source: Illustrated Redlands, 1897,  p.35)