Jones, Issac (1839 – 1929)

Isaac Jones is a native of Pennsylvania and was born in Warren county, in that state, in 1839, but his parents moved to Michigan when he was very young.  He resided in Michigan until he came to California in 1860.  In the East he was engaged in farming, but he followed mining during his first residence of ten years in California, in El Dorado, Sierra and Nevada counties.  He then returned east and lived there for twelve years.  In December, 1882, he came to Southern California and to Redlands and has since been occupied in horticulture.  Some of the orange-growing properties that Mr. Jones has brought into bearing have realized very high prices.  One ten-acre tract was sold for $18,500, the improvements, besides the orange grove, being worth about $2,500.  This place has since paid a net return of $3,000 a year and the purchaser considers this good interest on his investment.  Mr. Jones was married to Sarah Rowe, a native of Michigan.  They have one son, Charles, who lives at home.  Mr. Jones devotes most of his time now to the care of his home place of six acres, located on Highland avenue.


(Source: Illustrated Redlands, 1897, pg. 39)