Ben W. Cave Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1975

Ben W. Cave Home
122 The Terrace

The residence of Ben W. Cave was built in Lugonia on the plateau known as the “hogsback”, later re-named “The Terrace”. The home was built in 1890.

Mr. Cave was a member of the first city Board of Trustees elected in Redlands (November 26, 1888), and had a variety of interests which stemmed from his citrus pursuits. He was a member of the board of horticultural commissioners for San Bernardino and very active in water affairs.


From his back porch on “The Terrace” he could survey all of the community of Redlands. From the front porch, Lugonia was nearby with its theater and business blocks.

In 1961 the home was moved forward some seventy-five feet to miss the advancing freeway. The orange grove was removed and two acres were sacrificed to the demands of the freeway. It is to the credit of Mrs. Robert H. Lynn, the owner, that the home was saved.

The house has had its share of exterior-interior modifications. Cave sold out to Dr. Haskell, who added a billiard room downstairs. Judge Potter later owned the home for five years and then sold it to the Robert H. Lynns in 1937. The Lynns removed the tower on the right hand side of the house because of the expense involved with extra paint and made the space into a balcony.

Originally there were only two bedrooms upstairs. The Lynns added three more upstairs and two more downstairs with two extra bathrooms for added convenience.

By 1948 the dormitories at the University of Redlands were reaching capacity so the Lynns took in male student boarders. In February of 1969 the first girl was allowed to stay at the Lynn residence. At the present time University of Redlands students continue to live in the home.