Dr. Gayle and Julia Moseley Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1999

Dr. Gayle and Julia Moseley Home
849 Chestnut Avenue

This is a two story Colonial Revival home. The large columns in front, multi-pane windows, and Gambrel appearance to the west and east end of the building are typical of the Colonial Revival period. This home sits on two lots allowing space for mature plantings and a large reservoir pool in the back.

County assessment records show that in 1909 the property belonged to Julia C. Caldwell, and in 1911, Julia C. Moseley. It stayed in the Moseley name until 1921. Dr. Gayle Moseley was a native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He graduated from the Louisville School of Medicine and did his post-graduate work in Chicago. Coming to Redlands in 1902, he set up a general practice specializing in diseases of the chest. He was considered an authority on tuberculosis and the heart. Dr. Moseley was the first Chief of Staff at Redlands Community Hospital, 1928-31, and in 1958, a wing was added in his name. On June 17, 1931 Dr. Moseley died at the age of 56. His wife, Julia Caldwell Moseley was born in Missouri and educated in Chicago. She married Dr. Moseley in 1911. Julia was an accomplished pianist and leader in musical affairs in Redlands, especially the Spinit. She died December 12, 1948 at Redlands Community Hospital of heart disease at the age of 70.

The front of the building has four multi-paned windows on the second story. In the center the windows are small with wooden shutters that fold across the windows. These are the original shutters. The present owner plans to replace the shutters on all the windows to restore them to their original look. The shed roof of the porch is supported by four Tuscan columns with matching pilasters at the rear. The centered solid wood front door is framed by side lites and a half-elliptical transom above, composed of four panes.

Two other families occupied this home for some length of time. From 1940 to 1973, James P. Nelson and his wife Marian lived in the home. He was employed at Norton Air Force Base in public relations and personnel. His wife was a registered nurse. From 1974 to 1983, Reverend Robert B.Wallace and his large family occupied the house. He was head minister for the First Baptist Church in Redlands.

The present owners, John and Deanie Lauer, purchased the home in 1983. The Lauers have spent the last sixteen years restoring their home. The first floor on the south side of the building was restructured to properly support second floor sleeping porches that were added in the teens or twenties. In the process, a family room was created, a brick patio with pergolas was added and the pool was refurbished. Looking at the east side you can see an entry with columns to match the front with a pediment above. John and Deanie Lauer have taken much time and resources to restore the home and keep its architectual integrity.

The Redlands Area Historical Society is very pleased to present this Heritage Award to the Lauer Family.