George W. Hilliard House


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1994

George W. Hilliard House
543 Terracina Boulevard

George W. Hilliard and his wife Ursula came to Redlands in about 1901 from New Hampshire where they both were born. City directories list him as an orange grower. They purchased the Terracina property in 1901 from a N.F. Hart but were not listed as living there until 1907. Redlands water hook-up date was January 11, 1905 by George W. Hilliard. It is most likely construction of the house started soon after the water was connected. The Hilliards had four children, three daughters and one son, Carlos G. Carlos graduated in 1904 from the School of Medicine at Yale University. He served his internship at Rhode Island General hospital and practiced there until 1909 when he came to Redlands. In 1907 he married Margaret Shields, a native of Woolich, England. Upon the death of his father in 1917, Dr. Hilliard moved into his parents’ home in 1919. His mother passed away Jan.3, 1922. The Redlands Daily Facts noted that the Hilliards owned a grove and home on Terracina boulevard and “she was a woman of rare character and made many friends especially in the Baptist church, which she was especially interested. “Dr. Hilliard was very active in the medical community. He was an origional staff member of Redlands Community Hospital and was one of the physicians most active in seeing it established. He was also instrumental in the planning and building of the present Community Hospital on Terracina, not far from his home. Dr. Hilliard passed away July 21,1951 after a long illness. He left his wife, two sons, Carlos B. Hilliard, a superior court judge of San Bernardino and Dr. John William Hilliard of Pomona/Claremont area, and one daughter, Mrs. Paul Zatzke, who was living in Redlands upon her mother’s death in February 1957. The Hilliard Family owned the property until the early 1950’s.

City directories list other persons living in the house as: Vernon Grant and Carla, 1954, employed at Norton A.F.B., 1961 H. Powell, 1969, James L. Powell, 1974, William Thurman and 1979 Harry Romanoff Jr. The Romanoffs, Pete and Betty Jean owned the house until 1988 when it was purchased by the present owners the Dexter Cole family. Mr. Romanoff was an officer in the Air Force, and his wife a reserve Air Force nurse. They had three children.

The Hilliard house is a two and half story Victorian grove house with a truncated, medium hip roof. A bellcast gable dormer faces west. Under the dormer is a small open porch supported by columns. The top of the dormer contains spool and spindle, and stick work. Within the dormer is a fancy attic vent. Three bay windows face west. The top of the center window has a lead glass transom. The open wooden porch is supported by slender columns on wooden piers. A centered door contains a solid glass pane above, dentals and wood below. On either side of this door are rectangular side lites. South of the porch is a porte-coche supported by columns on cement piers. One door opens onto the porte-coche but is now missing a small stoop and east facing small steps. It was designed for carriage passengers.

Mr. Cole wanted to purchase an older home, like the home he grew up in, in Santa Ana. He was told that Redlands had many older homes and the people were interested in preserving them. On Valentines Day they stayed at the Morey Mansion and saw the Terracina house. Since 1988 they have been busy remodeling and still have more they wish to do.

We are glad the Cole Family chose Redlands for their home, and thank them for their continuing care of this beautiful home.