Harriet Taylor (“Twin Chimneys”)


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1981

Taylor House “Twin Chimneys”
340 Summit Avenue

The home at 340 Summit Avenue was built for Mrs. Harriet Taylor. Mrs. Taylor came to Redlands at the turn of the century to visit a friend. Finding the climate and location so agreeable, she decided to remain and have a home built on Summit Avenue.

Mrs. Taylor bought the property from S.T. Tovey, employed Dwight W. Willard as architect, and the Fairchilds as contractors. In 1901 the building began at a cost of $6700.

By 1902 Mrs. Taylor was living in her home. Living with Mrs. Taylor were her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Homer P.D. Kingsbury. Two Kingsbury children, William and Alice, were born in the house in a room referred to as “the delivery room.” The Taylors and Kingsburys lived in the house until 1924. The present owners, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Hynes, have lived in the home for thirty-two years.

The brown-shingled, two-story home is located in a park-like setting. The original front porch spans the width of the house. The Hynes family have given the home the name “Twin Chimneys.”