Kathrine Jeffers Home


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Katherine Jeffers Home

  1003 College Avenue


The University Tract from Church Street to University Street was purchased by Leland Stanford in 1882. Stanford bought the property adjacent to his personal physician, Dr. Jacob D. B. Stillman. The Stanford purchase led to widespread speculation that the Southern Pacific Railroad would shortly build a line to Lugonia. A decade later Southern Pacific arrived on Orange Street.

Development of the land began in 1909 with a survey by Isaac Ford. Home Builders Company was organized by William T. Ferguson and W. E. Catworthy in 1910. Clinkerbrick entrance monuments were constructed on Church Street. The developers chose “College” names for their neighborhood street theme. College, Campus, Occidental, Berkeley, Oxford, Harvard, Windsor, and Kenmore were given names in 1912. Incense cedars with an occasional redwood lined the wide streets. Alley access adjoined each lot of the tract.

The Better Homes & Gardens December 1927 edition featured English Tudor homes that nearly match this home.

Mrs. Katherine Jeffers and her husband Edward chose lot 79 for her $7,000 English Tudor Revival dwelling and garage in 1928. Contractor Clarence E. Blanc, a local popular builder, completed all the work in 1929. In 1930, Garrett Huizing completed a $500 addition.

The roof has the popular flat parti-colored tile. Steep gables are decorated with half-timbering and diamond shaped windows. The textured white stucco walls contrast with the red tile roof.  Green awnings cover large exterior windows that face the street. Spanish pikes extend to support the awnings that are not curved. The brick chimney is centrally located on the corner facing both Occidental and College Street and has decorative features. The front lantern is an addition that Justin Wagner built since 2010.

The garden path leads to the front entrance that is arched with brick. The large front door was renovated by the present owner. The home has an additional French door rear patio entrance and side entrance. Water-saving plants in full bloom grace the front yard. The paver driveway extends to the backyard and beyond the gate becomes the traditional ribbon drive to the garage.

Edward Jeffers died in 1936 and Katherine sold the home to Harold W. and Hazel Woodrow.  Harold Woodrow was a professor at the University of Redlands. The couple owned the home to at least 1952. Irving N. Closz rented the home beginning in 1940 and owned the home after 1952. Closz exterminated termites and had repairs to the roof at least three times to 1963. New owner W. A. Nichols bought an air-conditioning unit in 1963. Additional owners included Paul Moffat, Gloria Braxton, and Daniel Elisenson.

Justin Wagner bought the home in 2010 and received building permits for copper plumbing, a garden retaining wall, new ducting, central air, electrical work, and a seismic retrofit in 2017. The front yard was dirt for decades when Justin bought the home. His renovation of the landscaping saves water and compliments the home on this corner lot. His war with neighborhood gophers has reached 55. Justin replaced interior molding that a previous renter burned during hard times. His craftsmanship skills are especially apparent in the interior.

The Redlands Area Historical Society is proud to present Justin Wagner with a Heritage Award for 2018.

Researcher: Tom Atchley

Presented 11 June 2018