The Potter Home – 2023


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.

The Potter Home

314 W. Colton Avenue


We have fondly named this house the Potter house after its first owner Charles Potter. The home is currently owned by Lisa and Craig Tucker. It sits at the north end of Eureka Street, where some sit and gaze admiringly at it while waiting for the new traffic signal. Fun fact, about the potter house, not only did Charles Potter build the house, but the current owner, Lisa, is also a potter, and her maiden name is Potter!

This 1904 building is a great example of a hipped roof cottage with composition shingle roof (once bell cast shaped) and a gablet on the right front. There is a fixed half window in the gablet. Most windows are double hung. There is a half porch (now open, once enclosed), supported with wood posts. Clapboard covers most of the house except the gablet and rear porch peak, which have rounded shingles.

Redlands City Council designated the property as a historic property (Historic Resource No. 110) on July 21, 2009, and only mere months later, it was converted from a single-family household to a commercial property.

Application for building permit was obtained in April of 1904, by Charles Potter. While Charles was not a judge at the time he commissioned or lived in the home, Judge Potter went on to serve multiple terms as a Judge for Redlands city and justice of the peace of Redlands township.

The Redlands Daily Facts wrote, in 1934, about re-elected Judge Potter: During Judge Potter’s service the volume of business greatly increased so that it is now necessary to have a clerk of the court. Della Potter, his wife, the duly appointed clerk, serving without a salary.

From January 1, 1927, to the time of the article (a little over 7 years), there were 2116 traffic cases and 515 miscellaneous cases in the city court, as well as 1051 civil cases, 1060 small claims cases and 4190 criminal cases in the justice court.

At the time of the article, Judge Potter had been a licensed attorney for 23 years. Potter is quoted as saying: “I am seeking re-election to the office of justice of the peace of Redlands township and respectfully ask the voters of the township to support me. At the time of my first campaign, I said: the justice of the peace, the same as any other judicial officer, should be qualified, independent, impartial, and progressive. The justice court, while only a court of inferior jurisdiction, is close to the people and should be so conducted as to render them real service. It is sometimes called a poor man’s court, for oftentimes the amount involved is small; yet it is vital to render a just and legal decision, as the parties can ill afford the expense of an appeal to a higher tribunal. Irrespective of the standing in the community of the parties, they should be given a fair and square treatment. I am still of the same opinion, and feel that my official record is in accord with that statement, and therefore ask the voters to re-elect me.”  The same page of the paper announces Duke Ellington playing at a Dance at the Riverside Civic Auditorium the next day.

The city water hook up documentation reflects the end of March 1904 for active service. It is believed that S. G. Allen, an electrician, applied for the water hook up, as his name is on the permit. Allen did much of the wiring of the homes in Redlands and his family lived in this house briefly even though there is no formal documentation of him ever owning the property.

A picture of the house from 1988 shows the porch enclosed, as well as the half, fixed window above the porch. Judy Wright researched the property in 1988 and her research was used as breadcrumbs to figure out additional information. A photo of the house in 2019, shows it as a commercial property and tattoo parlor! 

The house changed hands many times in its 120 years of existence, but the Tucker’s have given this old girl new life, the interior pictures and progress are evidence of their hard work and dedication.

Craig and Lisa Tuckers bought this property in May of 2020. While most of us were masked and hunkering, the Tuckers got down to business. Restoration permits were filed, paperwork was shuffled, and progress began. Under several coats of paint and decades of accumulated dirt, an original cut granite foundation was found! Craig Tucker was tasked with the painstaking re-pointing of the original and somewhat crumbling stonework. 

Since the floor plan was changing slightly and a ceramics/pottery studio and therapist’s office were planned for this space, the floors needed to be redone.  The Tucker’s took care to replicate the feel of old flooring, while using alternative materials to hard wood.

Lisa’s artistry is an asset for home remodeling, it seemed magical when the new colors went up, the house was becoming a beacon for the north side! Who knew it could be spruced up and brought to life with what seemed like such ease?

In previous years the steps and walkway were obscured by large landscaping, the Tuckers removed the overgrowth and now you can see it in all its original glory.

The Tuckers tackled most of the renovations themselves and it didn’t stop inside. The front yard lawn was leveled and dug out from years of neglect. A new brick retention wall was added, irrigation was installed (also by the Tuckers) and grass seed laid.

Lisa, the ever accomplished and multi-talented artist, designed and created the stained-glass window above the porch. The window is now backlit so it can be seen at all times of the day and night, it is really an outstanding touch of elegance and whimsy.

The rear of the house was also redesigned, and a useable accessible ramp was installed. The scalloped shingles in the triangle rear facing overhang match the area of the front of the house that has the fixed stained-glass window.

The Tuckers went out of their way to pay attention to the details. A pergola area was added in the back parking lot. It even has a solar water feature.

Craig Tucker has a dedicated office space and reception area, all gussied up with modern amenities, while retaining the old home charm! Craig is a licensed Gottman Therapist and had been conducting sessions over video calls during the pandemic but is now open for in person visits.

Lisa Tucker’s studio takes up most of the space in the front of the building with an area for several potter’s wheels, and creation work top tables. Lisa’s classes are open to the public, both for children and adults.

All in all, this house is a true gem, and we are happy to present a Redlands Area Historical Society 2023 Heritage Home award to Lisa and Craig Tucker.

Thank you, Tuckers, for bringing this home back to life!

Research by Erin S.Benson, esb, esq.

Presented 12 June 2023