Unity Church


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1982

Unity Church
Fourth and Clark Streets

A structure unique to Redlands is the brick and tile roofed church located on the southwest corner of Fourth and Clark Streets. The single story church was originally constructed by the Unitarian Church in 1904 at a cost of $10,000. Architect for the building was A.B. Benton, and contractors were Baker and Taylor Company.

Forming the longest part of the building is a low tile roof gable. A shorter ell extends toward Clark Street creating the main entrance. A steeple tower is set out from the front of the building and a secondary entrance is centered and recessed in this tower. Another tower is found at the intersection of the main portion of the building and the ell.

Dark brown brick trim is found over the door in the front tower and over the front windows. Windows having semi-circular shape and made of many small rectangular, leaded glass sections are placed in groups of two along the main building.
Near the main entrance is found a group of three similar but larger windows with a small round window above. Additionally there are two small windows next to the large ones, making an unbalanced arrangement.

The main interior space is created by large wooden beams supported by a series of brick buttresses located on the exterior walls between each group of windows. The beauty of the interior is further heightened by three stained glass windows with an Easter Lily motif.

Throughout the structure are examples of great masonry craftsmanship and ingenuity. Venting under the church is provided by semi-circular arched openings with custom designed grating in each. The main entry door is also a semi-circular arched shape with large metal hinges.

Originally built as a Unitarian Church, the building in later years has been owned by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Presently the church is owned by the Church of the Living God.

The Redlands Area Historical Society does itself honor in singling out this unique example of our town’s heritage and in commending the stewardship of the owners.