W.W. West Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.

W.W. West Home

1013 N. Orange Street


Completed in 1910, a building permit was issued in 1909, for a residence to be built at 1013 N. Orange. The home was to cost $1,500.00 and was to be the residence of Mr. W.W. West. The builder was G. M. West. At that time Mr. W. W. West was a secretary for the Redlands Abstract and Title Company.

The building at 1013 is a true example of an early Redlands utilitarian home. It is a clapboard cottage, a square, one­ story house with overlapping boards and a dormer roof. Set high off the ground the porch extends in front of the original “parlor” and there are two entrance doors to the home. One led into the parlor, the other into the front bedroom. This was a typical cooling feature of the times. By opening, both doors a draft of air would penetrate the house. There are interesting details in the braces under the eaves and the double hung windows are large. This is truly a neat and tidy small house.

Now situated on a busy thoroughfare the structure has been put to use as a business, “See Our Nails.” The owners of the building, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Young, have provided a fine example of adaptive reuse. Interestingly enough, Dr. Young, an eye surgeon, has personally totally rewired the building. Mrs. Young says this is the fifth property he has rewired and they are now busily engaged in restoring their own home on W. Olive. Mrs. Young is in a business partnership at 1013 with Mrs. Debbie Kleeman, whose need to relocate her business prompted Mrs. Young, a devoted client, to restore the house and enter into the partnership.

Truly this home has been dramatically rehabilitated to meet today’s needs, while retaining the original architectural style and flavor of the past.

The Redlands Area Historical Society is proud to honor this unique example of Redlands’ heritage and to commend the stewardship of its present owners.