Philippi, Rudolph J. (1849-1929)

R. J. Philippi was born in Arenzville, Ill., Oct. 12, 1849, and commenced his business career at the age of fourteen as a clerk in a store. Two years later, in partnership with his brother, who was two years his senior, he opened a grocery store at Beardstown, Ill. The brothers were also appointed agents for the American Express Company, and continued this business until 1885.  In 1878 Mr. Philippi was married to Lilly L. Lemberger, of Pana, Ill.  Their children are two daughters, Ella and Lucy, the older one now a student in the Redlands High School.  In 1886 Mr. Philippi entered the photographic studio of L. Clendenon, at Jacksonville, Ill., and a year later he opened a studio at Pana.


In 1889 he came to Redlands where he opened the “Illinois Studio,” and was the first to become permanently established in Redlands as a photographer.  Mr. Philippi made a specialty of outdoor views, and his photographs preserve many scenes which have changed with different phases of growth and would be lost if his camera had not recorded them.  Among these are the panoramic views of the city and valley, of which he made and sold a great number.  In 1897 Mr. Philippi sold his photographic business and retired to an orange ranch, which he had planted and brought into bearing.


(Source: Illustrated Redlands, 1897, p. 15.)