Reeves, John Chapman (1840-1912)

John Chapman Reeves was born in Missouri in 1862, but his parents moved to Montana when he was two years old and lived there until 1876, when they came to Redlands and purchased a twenty-acre ranch in Lugonia.  They set this property to oranges, peaches and apricots and it is still owned by members of the family.  Mr. Reeves commenced his business career as a clerk in B. O. Johnson’s grocery store, at first in the Cook building on Colton Avenue, and afterwards as the first occupant of the building on the corner of State and Orange Streets, now occupied by Messrs. Gillis and Spoor.


November 16, 1887, Mr. Reeves, in partnership with B. W. Cave, bought the Redlands livery of C. L. Hayes, the first business of its kind in Redlands.   This was then located on East State Street, where the new proprietors remained two years, and then constructed a building of their own on Orange Street, to be used as a livery.  In May 1895, they built the present Cave and Reeves building on this site, and another building on Water Street for the livery.  Later they sold the business.  Mr. Reeves acted as manager for a year for F. C. Hoogstraat, a subsequent purchaser, and is still employed in connection with this business, now owned by Wilmot Brothers.


Mr. Reeves was married in June 1888, to Miss Jennie M. Stone, a daughter of Rev. C. A. Stone, who was one of the first pastors of the Terrace Congregational Church.  Four children have been born of this marriage.


(Source:  Illustrated Redlands, 1897, p. 16.)