Shorey, Franklin Adam (1844-1894)

F. A. Shorey was born in Somersworth, N. H., in 1844; spent his youth in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and then went to Omaha, where he lived for six years. In 1875 he removed to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Cal. He learned the trade of contracting carpenter and builder in Boston, and has followed it all his life in the different places mentioned.  In December 1886, Mr. Shorey came to Redlands and entered upon his first contract in this city the following January.  He filled the first contract for millwork in this city, furnishing windows and doors for the buildings now occupied by the Union Bank, J. J. Suess and Gillis & Spoor.  Among the more important buildings erected by him are the Alder Block and the Redlands Union High School.


Mr. Shorey was a member with C. R. Paine and C. A. Kingsbury, of the first board of trustees of this school, which was chosen in the fall of 1892.  He has built many of the residences in Redlands.  In 1871 Mr. Shorey was married to Delia A. Weaver, of Waldoboro, Maine.  Their four children are all girls; two are graduates of the High School and another will graduate in the class of 1898.


(Source:  Illustrated Redlands, 1897, p. 18)