Redlands Community History Initiative Announced!

Nathan Gonzales, head archivist, at the Special Collection Division of the A. K. Smiley Public Library, announced the establishment of the Redlands Community History Initiative. The Initiative project is an community outreach effort to collect and preserve memories of our Redlands community. Individuals, families, organizations and businesses are encouraged to submit photos, stories, and other media concerning their memories of living and working in Redlands.

You can contribute to the Redlands Community History Initiative by sharing photos, letters, diaries, receipts, artifacts, and oral histories, all of which add to the understanding of the many people who built and sustained Redlands over the years. Whatever was important to you and your family is important for history!

The idea for the Initiative was born out of Redlands celebration of Historic Preservation month. The theme for this years’ Fortnight was “Discovering Redlands’ Cultural Geography.”

You can upload images of photographs and other materials directly to the online submission portal, by email to, or in person with an appointment. Contact the Heritage Room at (909)798-7632 to learn how the Library can help you preserve your family’s legacy in the Redlands area.