Bernard H. Jacobs or Andrew N. Dike Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1976

Bernard H. Jacobs or Andrew N. Dike Home
221 East Cypress Avenue

Bernard H. Jacobs came to Redlands from Ohio on September 28, 1894. He had been active with the “Chautauqua Assemble” and had founded in 1872 the “lakeside” Assembly of Ohio. Prior to his work with the Chautauqua, he was involved with the general merchandise business. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Jacobs was originally from Germany where he was born in 1844.

Jacobs purchased a grove on Cypress Avenue and employed T.R. Griffith, later the A.K. Smiley Public Library architect, to draw up plans for a residence. Plans were completed and construction began on October 12, 1895. The home was constructed by the firm of Osborn and Iveson. The Osborns and Ivesons were both carpenters and painters. The Citrograph recorded a cost of $5,000 for construction.

This appealing house is an example of eclectic carpenter design in which the master carpenter used illustrative decorative motifs of brackets, finials, railings, columns, towers, cornices, and pediments of overlay on the inside structure for good measure. There is a second Palladian window. The second floor also has a back stairway to the maid’s room, three bedrooms and a glassed-in porch and bathroom.

The Andrew N. Dike family purchased the home in 1908. Dr. Dike was partner to the firm of Dike and Logie, which sold much of the property to the Yucaipa land Company. Mrs. Russell Goodwin, a daughter of Andrew Dike, is the present owner of the home.