Charles Schulz Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1982

Charles Schulz House
937 North Sixth Street
Circa 1901

Located in one of the prime early residential areas of Redlands and originally bearing the address “173 Times,” this two-story house was completed in 1901, at a cost of $1500. Charles Schulz and his wife Henriette purchased 1 1/2 lots in Lugonia Tract from George F. Norton for $375, and construction began in early 1901. The newly-built home was subsequently sold on May 5,1901 to Jacob J. and Susan Kindscher. Widowed in 1903, Mrs. Kindscher continued to live in the home with her son Logan until her death in the mid-1930s. Logan Kindscher, an apiarist, was still in residence in 1947. The current owners, Mr. and Mrs. Andres I. Lopez, purchased the home in July 1980.

In a residential district dating from the l890s, this eight-room “survivor” is a late-constructed example of Queen Anne architecture. The wood-shingled roof has two offset large triangular dormers with windows, one with overlapping clapboard, the other with fishscale shingles. The remaining three dormers, one on each side of the roof, are hipped with windows. The porch on the southeastern corner features decorative columns with a leaf pattern at the top. Cut-stone is featured in the base of the early wrought iron fence surrounding the front and side yard, and cut-stone curbing survives along the north and east edges of the property.

The Redlands Area Historical Society does itself honor in singling out this unique example of our town’s heritage and in commending the stewardship of the owners.