Cornelia Hill Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1984

Cornelia Hill Home
1113 West Palm Avenue

Mrs. Cornelia Hill was the celebrated builder of the Kimberly Crest mansion in 1897. She sold the home on Prospect Hill to the Kimberly’s and then proceeded to build a modern bungalow style home. Davis Donald first completed the large barn of 32 feet by 32 feet in 1906. The barn cost $2,500 and is two stories with shingle siding to match the home.
This striking two-story house has a notable steep pitched roof parallel to the street that extends over the port corche. Twin gabled dormers protrude on the street side creating a porch opening the house to the outdoors. Two red brick chimneys are located at each end of the roofline. Exposed rafters with exaggerated overhanging eaves and heavy brackets as support lend emphasis to the visual prominence of the roof. The building has a brick foundation and wood siding. An open veranda extends along the facade of the house and the first floor includes bay windows extending into the veranda and on the east side. The front door has a striking leaded glass design.


The home is presently owned by the James and Helen Geissinger family.

The Redlands Area Historical Society is proud to honor this unique example of Redlands’ Heritage and to commend the stewardship of the present owners.