Family Service Association Building


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1977

Family Service Association Building
114 West Vine Street

The house which the Family Service Association occupies was built in 1902. According to L.E. Nelson in Only One Redlands, for a short time the house was utilized by a group of physicians in maintaining a tiny hospital there until 1904.

Edith Hinckley in On the Banks of the Zanja recalls a photo of a horse-drawn ambulance from Vesper and Dow Undertakers in front of it and notes that the nurses in attendance wore floor-length uniforms.

After a number of years as a private residence, Eldridge M. Lyon added to his many benefactions by buying the house at 114 West Vine and giving it to the Associated Charities, now Family Service Association.

This two-story wood structure with side design of ship-top style is beautifully maintained. The offset roof gable is a pedimented box cornice with fish-scale pattern. The tower on the east side has an ornamental ball on top and is covered with overlapping shingles.