Mrs. Helen A. Bates Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1979

Mrs. Helen A. Bates Home
702 Center Street

Davis Donald built for Mrs. Helen A. Bates the house at 702 Center Street in 1900. She came to Redlands from Philadelphia with her daughter.

The eye-catching entry of this two and one-half story home is a magnificently carved oak door with a beautiful oval window. Leaded glass and ornate oak woodwork frame the doorway. Passing through to the entry hall on is met by lovely oak pillars, an oak stairway and sliding oak parlor doors. The natural woodwork has been maintained throughout the house. One unique feature of the home is the Otis elevator which was installed in the home after Mrs. Bates suffered a heart attack.

In 1961 the William R. Bottenberg family purchased the eleven-room residence and carriage barn. They also obtained the original blueprints of the house. The Bottenberg family is enthusiastically working to maintain the beauty of this elegant home.