Robert Reasor House


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1978

Robert Reasor House
430 West Highland Avenue

The Queen Anne-style house was built for Robert Reasor by Davis Donald in 1907. It is a gold, two-story house with black accent trim. A hand-cut stone foundation borders the house. The exterior wood is overlapping redwood board. There are also decorative eaves. The front porch features three columns each with a stone pedestal. Handsome stained glass is on each side of the front door. The balcony has a wooden milled railing and gives a pleasant appearance to the front.

The interior features mahogany woodwork, leaded glass, a French fireplace, and much tile and brasswork. The French fireplace in the living room still contains newspapers dated 1911 which were used to seal the fireplace from drafts. The house has a full basement, four baths, and three stories.

Following the Reasors, the home was owned for a time by the Dana Gross family. Mr. Gross was chairman of the board of the Oaker Oaks Company. His nephews, Robert and Courtland, founded the Lockheed Company.

The house still has the original water system intact in the attic and 17 doors in the three upstairs bedrooms.