William F. Holt House


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1978

William F. Holt House
405 West Olive Avenue

This large Mediterranean Mission-style home was built in 1903 by Louis H. Cooper for William F. Holt. Mr. Holt was the original developer of the Imperial Valley.

Some interesting features of the home are the porte cochere on the Alvarado Street side of the house which was designed to accommodate guests arriving in carriages. Another feature is the full-sized one-lane Brunswick bowling alley in the basement. All of the floors are oak, and most of the hardware is solid brass. The house has many beveled and leaded windows, mirrors, and shelving. The lighting fixtures were engineered to burn either gas or electricity, depending on which power source proved most dependable. The built-in china cabinet in the dining room with its electric styling is in tune with the art noveau lines thoughout the house.

It should be noted that the entry way is designed so that from upstairs townspeople could be scrutinized without their knowledge as they sat waiting to be received.

The two-story, thirteen-room stucco home was owned after the Holts by the Pythian Lodge, Mrs. Purnell E. Bingam, and currently Bill, Shirley and David Crook.