Foote, Ephraim Seeley (1847 – 1937)

E.S. Foote was born at Spring Prairie, Wis., in 1847 and lived there upon the same farm on which he was born until he was thirty-four years of age.  He then removed to Kansas, where he lived for about five years and then came to California.  After a short residence in San Bernardino,  Mr. Foote came to Redlands, in February, 1886, and has since resided here.  He purchased ten acres of land on Cajon street and set it to navel oranges, growing many of his own trees for this purpose.  He has owned other real estate in Redlands, but this piece is still his home and is now a fine bearing orchard.  Mr. Foote was married in December, 1871, at Lyons, Wis., to Mattie R. Waite.  They have three children, Irma E., who is now the wife of Dr. W.R. Heacock of Redlands, and Inez A, and Wilfred Rose, who are living at home.  Mr. Foote has been a deacon in the Baptist church and superintendent of its Sunday school since it was organized in November, 1887.  He was for several years one of the directors of the Redlands Water Company and at one time its vice-president.  He was also for three years a trustee of the Redlands grammar school and was clerk of the board at the time the present brick building was erected.


(Source: Illustrated Redlands, 1897, pg. 39)