Anna Minnette Montgomery Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1980

Anna Minnette Montgomery Home
350 [250] 7 Bow C

The house at 7 Bow C is an A-frame shaped cottage built in a style dating from the early part of this century. Its first floor has classic details including many bay windows. The second level of the house is dominated by a large gable and boxed cornice that is pierced by two windows surrounded by broad flat trim. On the side of the large gable roof, an immense triangular dormer pro-jects with its double-hung window flanked by small oval windows and topped by a fanlight. The house is surrounded by immaculate gardens and flowerbeds bordered with cut-stone.
This house is in the Redlands Heights area developed by E. G. Judson and F.E. Brown; According to a CITROGRAPH advertisement in 1888, “The title was obtained (by Judson and Brown) directly from the Southern Pacific Railroad Company who received it direct from the United States.” By March of 1888 the area was described as follows: “Redlands Heights is destined to be the Nob Hill. of the Valley. The work being done up there is making a marvelous change in the appearance of things.” In November, 1888, Lot 2, Block 19, along with 15 other lots in the area, was sold by Judson and Brown for $11,000 to David H. Judson of New York. His widow sold the lot in 1902 to Herbert W. Johnstone (proprietor with J .R. Hagen, of the Redlands Bowling Coliseum at 24 W. Citrus Avenue). In less than a year Johnstone had sold it to Anna Minnette Montgomery who is the first person listed in the Redlands Directory as living at 7 Bow C. In 1903 she added an 18′ x 26′, two-story barn of wood and stone built by D.M. Donald for $625.
The house passed through many owners until 1946 when it was purchased by Florence L. and Fred A. Hall from Martin M. Levering. After the death of Mr. Hall, Mrs. Hall married F. Alden Young. The Youngs continue to reside in the house maintaining it in immaculate condition. The house is deeded to the Bethany Reformed Church and will become their parsonage in the future.