Jerome O. Boger Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1977

Jerome O. Boger Home
256 Alvarado Street

This residence was constructed in what was known as the Parkview Addition. The one and one-half story house, built in 1902, contained seven rooms, one bath tub, and one water closet. The residence was constructed at a cost of $2,400. The owner, Mr. Boger, was a carpenter by trade and probably did much of the actual work on the house.

An extensive fire in 1904 burned the upper story of the home. A complete overhaul required a completely new roof design. The roof was the result of utilizing existing unburned supports and rafters. The common square-shape house was architecturally thrown back into the Victorian era. Round windows on the second story, an off-center main entrance door, and a porch all add to the unusual design of the Jerome Boger residence.

The current owners are Mr. and Mrs. Russ Huston.