Joseph B. Wade Home


The Redlands Area Historical Society, Inc.
Heritage Award 1993

Joseph B. Wade Home
527 Fourth Street

A home was built for Joseph B. Wade in 1893 by Lynn and Lewis only five years after the city’s founding making it among the oldest in the city. Lynn and Lewis were one ofthe most prominent early builders in Redlands. They were also builders of the Burrage Mansion which testifies to the diversity of their talent.

The water connection was made on May 6, 1893. The five room house cost $1,200. Mr. Wade and his wife, Ida, lived in this house at 205 East Olive Avenue for many years. The 1900 city directory identifies that Mr. Wade was employed at Covington and Wade, a furniture company at 10 West State Street. In 1908 he worked at W.H. Goodrich Furniture Co. The directories of 1905, 1917 and 1921 identify his occupation as an orange grower. The 1925 directory lists Ida as the widow of J.B. Wade. She continued to reside at 205 East Olive Avenue until the late 1940’s. This house was the Wade residence for approximately fifty-five years.

In the fifties, the house was the residence for several teachers and retires. From 1958 to 1967 it was the home of Mrs. Elva M. Noltreike, another retiree. In the spring of 1989 the house was purchased by Terra and Gary Heroneme and moved from its original location at 205 West Olive Avenue to its current location at 527 Fourth Street, in the Early Redlands Historic and Scenic District. Terra and Gary have completely renovated the house including all surfaces, plumbing, and electrical service. A historically appropriate detached garage was added.

This house is a cross-gable Victorian cottage. It has a wood shingle roof and shiplap siding. The gables face west and south and have wood shingle siding and a long, narrow vent with horizontal slats. The west gable has Victorian gingerbread stickwork. The gable roof extends to cover an inset porch on the front. It is supported by square wood posts and is trimmed with decorative brackets. Below the south gable is a three-sided bay window. Two doors open onto the porch on the south and west sides. Vertical board siding covers the foundation. A brick chimney is in the center of the roof.

Soon after the Heronemes moved the house to its present location, it was designated as a Historic Property by the Historic and Scenic Rreservation Commission.

We would like to commend the Heronemes for their sensitive rehabilitation and for their continued commitment to historic preservation in Redlands.